There are families that are facing these types of [expensive] bills. The bankrupty rates for a family member who have cancer is 260% higher than similar households without cancer. A lot of families are losing everything.

Devon Still

Just because you’re exhausted mentally, emotionally, and physically doesn’t mean the caregiving stops. When the bills arrive, you may have to give even more to get the right kind of care for those you love. This is why caregivers need a care squad​, a community to lean on, and systems that help access and afford the care that our families need. In Episode 3 of Man Enough​ to Care, Justin Baldoni is joined by Devon Still, Zach Anner, Nathan Kress, and Robert Espinoza to discuss how caregiving plays into their lives and their masculinity. 

Each discuss the financial impact of caregiving on families, and envision a path forward through culture change, collective action, and policy solutions that will lead us to a reality where care is valued in our culture, and everyone has the support they need to access and afford care for themselves and their loved ones.

It’s absurd because people have always worked and had families. But we have never accounted for the fact that people have to do both at the same time and put the infrastructure in place to support that.

– Ai-jen Poo

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Man Enough to Care series is a Wayfarer Studios production in partnership with Caring Across Generations. This episode was released on February 16, 2021.