The health of our nation depends upon the health and well-being of our children and families. All families, no matter their background, should have the resources they need to raise healthy, thriving children, starting at the earliest ages.

This site is dedicated to sharing the lived experiences of families and caregivers, along with the children they care for. Many of these families draw from a wide variety of assets in raising their children: a shared sense of optimism about the future or strong connections to family and friends. But many also are striving to overcome significant barriers to health, barriers that have been in place for generations. Every Family Forward offers two ways to better understand these experiences: 

  • Stories: These stories, some of families and their lived experience, others of efforts to change policies or community circumstances in ways that better support families, reinforce that we must all support caregivers in the critical work they do in raising the next generation of healthy children.
  • Survey: Hearing directly from families and caregivers is essential to understanding the assets they draw from and where they need support. The survey findings, from “Raising the Next Generation: Research From Parents and Caregivers,” enable us to do just that.

Families must be at the center of an equitable recovery. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is working towards greater public and private investments in families and children. We are aiming for the day when decision-makers start with the lens of what’s best for the well-being of each and every one of our families and children. To learn more about all of the work of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in supporting healthy children and families, visit