As somebody who has a disability, I never got the focus of masculine energy because I felt like I needed help my entire life and … was a burden to my family. 

 Zach Anner

Needing and receiving care requires a healthy dose of vulnerability, and learning to lean into that can create the space for acceptance and even joy. In Episode 4 of Man Enough​ to Care, Justin Baldoni is joined by Devon Still, Zach Anner, Nathan Kress and Robert Espinoza to discuss how caregiving plays into their lives and their masculinity.  

Zach opens up about his experience as someone who has received care at various points in his life, and provides candid, insightful, and often humorous insights into releasing the feelings of guilt and insecurity associated with being cared for. Ai-jen and Justin remind us that caregiving is an intimate act of love that brings joy and strengthens relationships.

That love, care and energy [between the caregiver and the caregivee] … we really underestimate what this is and it’s about family and love, which is fundemental and universal.     

  –  Ai-jen Poo

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Man Enough to Care series is a Wayfarer Studios production in partnership with Caring Across Generations. This episode was released on February 17, 2021.