I think we need better supports for people with disabiliies arcoss the spectrum and across the lifespan. People should be able to access the long-term care they need.

  –  Robert Espinoza

In a country with more than 330 million people, America still manages to be a country without universal long-term care within its healthcare system. 

Caregiving may be the love that comes full circle, but it comes at a steep price. All of us will inevitably need care at a point in our lives, and not all of us can afford it. The average nursing home costs are roughly $90,000 per year.

In essence, there’s still work to be done to better support our community of caregivers. In the final episode of Man Enough​ to Care, Justin Baldoni is joined by Devon Still, Zach Anner, Nathan Kress and Robert Espinoza to discuss how caregiving plays into their lives and their masculinity.

Robert shares his experience of being a long-distance caregiver for his mother and the shock that came with his realization: there is no system in place to support people who want to receive care at home. Ai-jen Poo, director at Caring Across Generations, lays out the steps it will take for us to achieve sustainable, universal family care for all (including childcare supports, paid medical and family leave, and long-term supports and services) — which begins with having these conversations with our families, friends, and communities.

Our big vision for the future is this idea called universal family care. The idea that one day we should have one fund that we all contribute to and benefit from to help us pay for child care, elder care and paid familiy leave.

  –  Ai-jen Poo   

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Man Enough to Care series is a Wayfarer Studios production in partnership with Caring Across Generations. This episode was released on February 18, 2021.